started from the bottom now we're here: MUSIC AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT

Berlin 2017

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, Sound Diplomacy hosted the fourth Music Cities Convention, bringing together executives from government, cities and regions, academia, real estate and the music industry to discuss and debate how to further develop our music ecosystems in the places we live.

The fourth edition of Music Cities Convention, and first outside of the UK and US, looked at music’s role in smart city development, long-term spatial planning and the impact of the music cities debate on artists.


Dr. Adam Behr, Lecturer in Contemporary and Popular Music, Newcastle University

Matt Brennan, Chancellor’s Fellow of Music, University of Edinburgh

Peter Cornforth, Director of Retail, Benson Elliot Capital Management

Dena, Musician and Producer

Dr. Lee Dong Yeoun, K-Pop Arena Construction & the Platform Changdong61 by Seoul City Government

Angela Dorgan, CEO, First Music Contact

Lene Eckert, International Affairs, Rockcity Hamburg

Lars Fassmann, Creative Entrepreneur

Kat Frankie, Musician and Producer

Charlotte Girerd, Managing Director Special Projects, SNCF Immobilier

Charlotte Hatherley, Musician and Producer

Tobias Kettner, United Nations Habitat III Representative for Europe

Charles Landry, Author of The Creative City

Olivier Le Gal, Co-Founder, Garage Mu

Lutz Leichsenring, Spokesman, Creative Footprint/Club Commission

Ole Löding, Journalist and Author

Katja Lucker, Managing Director, Musicboard Berlin

Petra Lundmark, Music Brand Manager, BD Pop

Dr. Janet Merkel, Lecturer for Culture and Creative Industries, City University London

Mirik Milan, Night Mayor Amsterdam

Slavis Poczebutas, Architect and Urbanist, Managing Director at Mekado

Ignacio Priego, Project Co-Ordinator: Mobility Fund, Concerts SA

Alejandro Rojas, LAC Programme Officer, Unido

Ulrike Rose, Cultural Manager, Kulturräume Gestalten

Sebastian Scheel, Permanent Secretary for Housing, Berlin

Dr. Shrikant Sharma, Group Director, Buro Happold Engineering 

Michail Stangl, Director Germany, Boiler Room

Maria Vassilakou, Vice Mayor and Executive City Council, Vienna

Martyn Ware, Musician, Heaven 17 and Ex-Human League, and Founder of Illustrious

Dr. Torsten Wöhlert, Permanent Secretary for Culture, Berlin

Victor Yankov, Deputy Director International Relations, Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.43.59.png
If people go where the party is, then let your city be the party.
— Maria Vassilakou, Vice Mayor and Executive City Council, Vienna