Districts to Countries: Envisioning Global Music Cities

Key Information

The 8th and first ever Asian edition of Music Cities Convention will be held in Chengdu, China, on 11-12 April 2019!

Concert in Chengdu

Concert in Chengdu

Key Information:

Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan province in China and has been a multicultural music center since the Tang Dynasty from 618-907. The city is now celebrating its passion for music with the creation of a Chengdu Music Concert Hall, and will feature an opera house, two concert halls, a theater and numerous music industry companies’ headquarters. With the scheduled opening of Chengdu Music Concert Hall in early 2019, the district as well as the city will be the perfect location for the 8th global and first ever Asian edition of Music Cities Convention.

Chengdu aims to build itself into an international music city through the promotion of its ancient musical towns and the development of music incubators for the music industries. There will also be a center for music training & education, and it will be a hub for the performing arts economy, the music media and for sales of music instruments. Through these measures the City of Chengdu aims to to attract international musicians and businesses.

The event’s theme is “Districts to Countries: Envisioning Global Music Cities” and it will explore the relationship between city planning, strategy, urban development, economic growth and the music industry in two full days of presentations, panels and roundtables. Over 300 delegates from Asia and all over the world will join us in Chengdu.



Host Partners

  • YINCHENG Cultural Development Co.,Ltd.

  • Sichuan Province Song and Dance Theatre Co.,Ltd

  • The New Road chamber of Commerce in Sichuan Province

Assisting Partners

  • Chengdu Music Industry Promotion Office

  • Chengdu Culture, Radio And TV, Press And Publication Bureau

  • Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce


  • April 11th - Convention & reception venue is the Grand Hyatt Hotel (Grand Hyatt Chengdu, Yanshikou Shangquan, Jinjiang, Chengdu, 610000)

  • April 12th - Venue information coming soon

Ticket Cost:

  • $87.50 USD - Early Bird 1 (Until Dec 31st) 

  • $105 USD - Early Bird 2 (Jan 1st - Jan 31st) 

  • $125 USD - Early Bird 3 (Feb 1st - Feb 28th) 

  • $145 USD - Early Bird 4 (March 1st - March 15th) 

  • $175 USD - General Admission

Extra Tourism Day:

  • Read more about our additional day of tourism and networking, as well as evening event here

Music Cities Convention, Lafayette USA, October 2018

Music Cities Convention, Lafayette USA, October 2018

Who should attend?:

  • We will have 300-400 delegates attending from all over the world (including 100+ internationals) and who work in the the following industries; music, creative, government, real estate, academia, events, NGO, tourism, health and wellbeing, business, research & many more.

  • Types of job titles will include; mayor, musician, festival/event director, real estate CEO, university professors, record label/promoter/management executive, music district director, secretary of culture, nighttime economy manager, tourism board/association CEO, music industry development director, theatre director, council leader, head of economic development, music and health initiative director, journalist, business development manager & many more.

Panel & Presentation Topics:

  • The full schedule will be online in late February

  • Talk topics will include:

    • International Leaders Panel on Music Cities

    • ‘My Music City’ talks from: Seoul (South Korea), Kingston (Jamaica), New York (USA), Victoria (Australia), Alaska (USA) and one TBC

    • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    • World Class Music Districts

    • Roundtables about: City Music Strategies and Engaging Youth in Music

    • Music & Dementia

    • Music & Tech: Future of Digital Music

    • Music Tourism

    • Music as a Tool for Economic Development

    • Plus more TBC


  • Thursday 11th April 2019: Main Convention & Evening Reception. Including a traditional Chinese dinner and performance provided by Sichuan Province Song and Dance Theatre.

  • Friday 12th April 2019: Main Convention & Evening Reception. Including dinner and live music.

  • Saturday 13th April 2019: Additional tourism day, which will include visiting the panda bear sanctuary, hotpot meal, visiting one of Chengdu’s ancient towns and then a music & food festival in the evening activities. This day costs extra, with more information coming by the end of January.


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Other Information:

  • If you’re interested in learning more about discounts for delegations or about sponsorship just get in touch with Luke at luke@sounddiplomacy.com

  • We’ll have simultaneous translation provided. Please get in touch if you don’t speak English or Chinese.

  • Spread the word about Music Cities Convention using the hashtag #MusicCitiesChengdu #MusicCitiesConvention and our Twitter handle @MusicCitiesSD

Music Cities Convention, Melbourne Australia, April 2018

Music Cities Convention, Melbourne Australia, April 2018

Wangjiang Pavilion in Chengdu

Wangjiang Pavilion in Chengdu

Sichuan opera in Chengdu

Sichuan opera in Chengdu

Concert at Chengdu Stadium in the city of Chengdu

Concert at Chengdu Stadium in the city of Chengdu